UFOs in Space


Multiple Strange UFO caught on cam near ISS before Live Feed was cut !!! Jan 2017


Multiple UFO Sightings spotted by ISS during Aurora Borealis !!! July 2018


Leaked VIDEO from ISS shows UFO causing warp distortion on Earth !!! June 2018


Leaked VIDEO from Curiosity Rover reveals Strange Monolith UFO in the sky of MARS !!! June 2018


UFO Fleet caught by ISS cam !!! April 2018


SOYUZ mission reported UFO sightings in Low Earth orbit !!! Leaked video - March 2018


SOVIETS landed first on MOON in 1966 and reported UFOs !!! Leaked video !


SOYUZ filmed UFO Black Knight while docking at the ISS !!! Febr 2018


NEW AMAZING pictures of BLACK KNIGHT UFO satellite from ISS !!! Febr 2018


Clear pictures of the BLACK KNIGHT UFO satellite !!! Febr 2018


New video showing Huge UFO near the SUN !!! Nov 2017
This is HOW Russians travel from Earth to Saturn !!! Through Dimensional Portals...
Giant alien Megastructure filmed near ISS !!! October 2016
Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the SUN !!! Sept 2016
The RUSSIANS have just reached SATURN !!! Aug 2016
Leaked pictures from JUNO PROBE reveal UFO in JUPITER'S ORBIT !!! July 2016
Major Leak - ISS films the Black Knight Satellite UFO very close to Soyuz Spacecraft - Jan 2016
Major Leak - ISS Astronauts filmed Massive UFO with Glowing Lights ! Febr 2016
Live streaming from ISS shows UFO in low Earth orbit - February 2016 !!!
New Strange UFO filmed by ISS & NASA from Earth Orbit - Oct 2015 !!! 
UFO filmed during Super Harvest Blood Moon Eclipse - Sept, 28 2015 !!!
The Moon a Perfect Artificial Construction made by intelligent beings ! 
Is the Moon an artificial Alien Base ?
NASA Leak UFO wreck found on Mars by Curiosity rover 2015
UFO photographed on COMET 67P CHURYUMOV by ROSETTA !!! Sept 2014
ROSETTA found UFO wreck on 67P Churyumov comet !!! 2014
Leaked images of UFOs and Moon base ! What NASA doesn't want you to know...
Alien structure discovered on 1999RQ36 asteroid !!! June 2014
NEW UFO FILMED by NASA MISSION in medium Earth orbit !!! Dec 2013
UFO fleet on MARS revealed by pictures from CURIOSITY !!! Nov 2012
UFO in LOW EARTH ORBIT - NASA !!! Feb 2011
MAJOR LEAK - SECRET WARS ON MARS 1997-2014 !!! Captain Kaye Leak !
UFO activity on the MOON revealed by APOLLO MISSION !!! 1971

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