UFO Over The Moon During Apollo 15 Mission. Were Astronauts Warned To Leave The Moon ?

This is the story of the Disk Shaped UFO During Apollo 15 Mission on the Moon in 1971. Did Jim Irwin and David Scott really film a UFO on the moon’s surface ? Were astronauts warned to leave the moon?

Apollo 15 was the ninth manned mission in the United States' Apollo program, the eighth to be successful, and the fourth to land on the Moon.There were four primary objectives falling in the general categories of lunar surface science, lunar orbital science and engineering-operational. The mission objectives were to explore the Hadley-Apennine region, set up and activate lunar surface scientific experiments, make engineering evaluations of new Apollo equipment, and conduct lunar orbital experiments and photographic tasks.
The crew was composed of David R. Scott, Commander, James B. Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot, and Alfred M. Worden, Command Module Pilot.

In 2015, Apollo 15 became famous again thanks to a rather incredible video revealed to the public. And what is surprising is that it seems to be an original footage from the NASA archive... 


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