Huge Octahedral UFO over LAKE MICHIGAN CHICAGO - USA !!!

October 2018 - USA, Chicago. Amazing video taken by US air force showing huge octahedral UFO hovering over lake Michigan near Chicago... Watch the FULL VIDEO HERE !

In 2011, a strange group of lights moving together across the Chicago sky during a Saturday night has some residents there wondering if what they saw were UFOs.

One of those people, Nicole Dragozetich, caught the unexplained phenomenon on her cell phone video camera.

She said she was driving down 35th Street and Western on Chicago's South Side at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday when she noticed at least a dozen people stopped in their tracks, staring at the sky.

The video she shot was showing a line of several lights seeming to fly together low in the nighttime sky. The lights were orange, and they all seemed to blink together.

At first they were traveling in a straight line, but then formed different patterns.

On the video voices of the people watching the lights can be heard saying, "They came from Roswell," and "That's creepy. I want to know what it is."

Mark Bishop, meteorologist ABC station WLC-TV in Chicago said there were no unusual weather occurrences in the area Saturday evening reported by the National Weather Service.

Huge Octahedral UFO over LAKE MICHIGAN CHICAGO - USA !!!

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