Top 10 UFO Sightings Caught In Space

June 2018 - Top 10 UFO Sightings Caught In Space by NASA... Watch the FULL VIDEO HERE !

The moon is the first object outside the Earth man has set foot on. But are men first to arrive on the moon? Or other intellectual extra-terrestrial beings arrived there first? A UFO hunter claims that there is a 10-kilometer long alien UFO mothership docked on the surface of the moon.

In an image taken by NASA, UFO hunter Scott Waring said that there is a UFO mothership docked about 10 kilometers long on the surface of the Earth's satellite. This is another evidence to prove that aliens do exist, according to conspiracy theorists. This allegedly supports past theories that UFOs and aliens frequent the moon and Mars and they could have been using the lunar surface as a base.

The image was part of NASA's Apollo 15 mission. Based on Waring's speculations. Adding to the interest of UFO and alien hunters the rumors that NASA is not supposed to release the image to the public, but it was accidentally leaked because the photo holds evidence of alien life.

Of course, there is no way to confirm if this is true yet, but alien hunters believe that this could lead to the discovery of extraterrestrials if they indeed frequent the Earth's satellite. The alien UFO mothership is allegedly docked near the Waterman crater.

In order to continue being in its stealth mode, the mothership was believed to docked on the other side of the moon, allowing it to remain invisible to men. The image remained undetected until the alleged accidental release of the images by NASA...

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