Strange UFO caught on cam from airplane in FLORIDA - USA !!! May 2018

May 2018 - USA, Florida.  Amazing video shows strange UFO caught on camera from airplane window... Watch the VIDEO HERE !

January 12, 2018 near the city of Orlando, Florida, an eyewitness watched a UFO and managed to take a few photos of the object.

According to the author in the structure of the object, a window was clearly visible in which the figures of UFO pilots could be seen.

Another UFO has just visited the U.S. at least according to the video of an unusual UFO in Florida in February 2018. It could be made up of two round pontoon sections tied together, according to many commenters. It was something that no one has ever seen before. The UFO was reflecting the colour of the background sky as if it partially was using a cloaking technology.

The witness described the UFO as the same size of a mid-size house. It was large enough for several people to fly. The witness further said that it was operating just at an average speed – not slow, not fast. It reportedly made a 90-degree directional turn.

Some believe that the UFO might come from their underwater base as it was spotted near the ocean. It is thought that many underwater UFOs moved over to the land to investigate the human activity...

Strange UFO caught on cam from airplane in FLORIDA - USA !!! May 2018

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