Huge UFO over JERUSALEM !!! May 2018

May 2018 - Israel, Jerusalem.  Amazing video shows huge UFO over the Holy Land... Watch the VIDEO HERE !


In recent years, a number of astonishing events in our skies and in the corridors of power and influence have suggested to many that we are on the verge of open and global recognition of the reality of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and extraterrestrial life.

To many, this great shift in our understanding of our place in the cosmic community will usher in a period of unparalleled peace, prosperity, and global unity. On the other hand, many, including top UFO researchers, believe that we may be headed for the most bizarre — and most far reaching — challenge ever seen on this planet. And your personal destiny — and that of your family — may depend upon how you deal with the strange events that may soon take place.

Now in the 21st century, life in outer space is taken for granted by our educational and media establishments, and with this assumption comes the inevitable discussion of UFOs and alien life forms. Once relegated to the ostracized domain of the lunatic fringe or to science fiction writers, UFOs have now emerged as a socially acceptable topic for serious discussion. Previously regarded as the whacko delusions of the ’40s and ’50s, now they have become one of the hottest topics of our entertainment and news media. One cannot even count the number of TV specials, documentaries (and pseudo-documentaries), and major movies that have been aired on this topic in recent years. Yet, in the last several years a number of staggering, although very well documented UFO events have occurred worldwide and have received no coverage by the mainstream U.S. media.

However, beginning in 1996, we have witnessed what some have called a “leak a week” strategy being orchestrated by agencies of the federal government and the scientific establishment. Many believe this is part of a global strategy toward open acknowledgment of “ET reality.”

Are the UFOs real, or are they some form of delusion? Can anyone really take them seriously? What’s really going on?

It may come as a surprise to learn that a recent Gallup poll revealed that 72 percent of Americans believe in extraterrestrial life; 48 percent believe in UFOs and 15 percent believe they have seen a UFO. According to other polls, up to 3 percent believe that they have been abducted by a UFO!

It turns out to be a gargantuan task to even catalog the volumes of the UFO reports in recent history. A bibliography of just the professional articles — excluding newspapers, etc. — lists 6,000 publications in English, 2,200 in foreign journals, and 1,350 periodicals published on the subject.

Wading through the mountains of reports of sightings, encounters, and even accounts of abductions, one is confronted with an unmanageable barrage of unconfirmable testimonies, hoaxes, frauds, and deliberate disinformation — even from the government. Yet, there remain behind it all too many serious cases which involve multiple reliable witnesses and even tangible physical evidences, enough to bury even the most ardent skeptic.

Israel: “The Big Invasion”

Starting in 1996, the borders of Israel became host to one of the most extraordinary UFO flaps in history. At 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 17, 1996, traffic on High Road in the Ramat Aviv section of Tel Aviv, Israel, came to a standstill when astonished motorists emerged from their automobiles to watch a UFO hovering near the city. Tel Aviv police received dozens of calls about a lighted object doing aerial acrobatics over the northern end of the city that were considered impossible for any conventional flying plane or helicopter. According to a report in Mai’ariv, one of Israel’s two largest daily newspapers, the event was witnessed by police along with hundreds of motorists at the scene.

Since the Israeli flap began, David Ronen, a reporter and editor for Mai’ariv newspaper has received hundreds of reports of UFO sightings as well as accounts of alleged contact with aliens by Israeli citizens. In his column Ronen noted that the sightings, which were previously restricted to relatively deserted areas, have started to occur in the more heavily populated coastland and city regions of Israel. In a 1997 interview for the British Journal UFO Reality, Ronen summarized the goings-on in Israel:

“All at once, UFOs have begun to appear in the centre of Israel and in other areas throughout the country, as well as simultaneously in Iran and Australia. At precisely the same time (August 1996) a tide of eyewitness reports came in, this time not from individual people, but involving a wave of mass reports, including an intervention by the police and the army. The succession of reports is so staggering that it is already impossible to keep track of the hundreds and thousands of eyewitness reports that pour in each day.”

One of the best documented sightings occurred on Sunday, August 4, 1996, around 2:30 a.m. in Eilat, Israel. According to some estimates, more than a thousand people saw a UFO traveling slowly over the perimeter of the city at a height of 200 meters above ground. The local police stations and emergency centers were deluged with dozens of reported sightings. An eyewitness to the event was the son of the deputy mayor of Eilat, Rafi Edri. Regarding the event, he stated:

“At 2:30 a.m., a group of 50 people stood and watched a UFO, like a giant tent full of lights, light up the sky above two residential districts. The UFO passed just over our heads at a height of not more than 100–200 metres. The event lasted close to ten minutes. Suddenly, without any advance warning, it disappeared.”

Other residents who observed the UFO stated that at first it was semicircle-shaped; afterwards it split in two, then instantaneously disappeared. In a similar sighting in August 1996, the deputy editor of the local paper in Eilat reported an enormous red-and-purple boomerang-shaped UFO the size of “half a city” which split in two, then floated above the city of Aqaba and disappeared above Jordan.

According to published reports, in September 1996, in the village of Netanya, an estimated 5,000 people were terrified when a UFO descended between a group of nearby buildings. The event was witnessed by numerous local officials, including at least ten police patrol cars.

On other occasions residents have reported disruption of electrical appliances, burn marks on the ground, burnt out street lamps, “crop circle” landing sites, cattle mutilations, close encounters with “giant alien entities,” and yes, even alleged alien abductions.

One of Israel’s best known journalists, Barry Chamish, has extensively researched the recent events in the skies over Israel. Chamish, who was the chief editor of Inside Israel, an investigative news journal, stated that “Israel is recognized as an international UFO hot spot — with an unsurpassed quantity and quality of evidence.” Due to the enormity of the Israeli flap, Barry Chamish and many of his journalistic colleagues have dubbed the events as “The Big Invasion.” In fact, the frequent sightings of UFOs and alleged contact with alien entities was even discussed — with no resolution — by the Knesset on February 12, 1997.

According to those who have studied the events over Israel, there is a very puzzling aspect of this UFO flap. Researchers note that the sightings appear to be occurring almost exclusively over the tiny land mass of the Jewish state rather than throughout the Middle East. This peculiarity was also noted by Daniel Brynberg, a journalist for the Jerusalem Report:

“Ufologists are at a loss to explain the lack of sightings in Israel’s near neighbors—it is as if the aliens, unlike most Earthlings, are aware of Israel’s borders.”

The “rationalists” in Israel, like those in the United States, prefer to deny the existence of the phenomenon, claiming the events are a simple case of mass hysteria. Many view the events as a sign from God. Still others believe that the events in Israel portend a sinister influence—a foreboding sign that something ominous is about to happen and that Israel will be its focus. Whatever the case may be, the events in Israel closely follow those that have comprised UFO folklore in the United States...

Huge UFO over JERUSALEM !!! May 2018

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