UFO spotted by French military forces during Desert Storm in MALI !!! March 2018

March 2018 - Mali, Mopti area. Amazing video showing huge UFO spotted by French military forces during desert storm...

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

UFO sightings occur all over the world and it includes Africa. But they are less largely known in than for example UFO events in the US because the general flow of information tend to go more into Africa than out of Africa. If you are located in Africa, you will have much more chance to hear about a US UFO event than from an African UFO event.

You will have the feeling that there are none or very few UFO observation in Africa because they are not escalated to the media or to the ufology community. The possible reasons are numerous:

 - Low density of population in vast areas.

- Isolated rural communities with few ways of communication.

- Developping areas with no electricity, hence lower phone and fax capacity, almost no internet connection, no email. In the US and Europe, email and the Internet have a crucial role in UFO information distribution.

- Lower interest, developping countries have much more important issues than the study of the UFO phenomenon.

- Developping media in many countries: few newspaper, low reporting capabilities etc.

Strange artificial spheres were found in Transvaal, dated more than 2.8 million years old.

The Dogons, a tribe in Mali, have unexplainable astronomical knowledge about the Sirius trile star system that baffled anthropologists. According to the Dogon traditions, these ancient knowledge have been communicated to them in the past from non terrestrial beings...

UFO spotted by French military forces during Desert Storm in MALI !!! March 2018

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