UFO reported over deserted village in Northern MEXICO !!! Leaked video - Sept 2017

September 2017 - Mexico. Leaked video showing US soldiers approaching huge UFO hovering over village...

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The Xilitla Incident And Connections To “Mexico’s Roswell!”

The unnerving encounter over the small Mexican town of Xilitla in 2007 would shock both residents and local police alike. At least initially. Soon after the chaos of the night in question had calmed did the silence begin.

Rumors quickly swirled that Mexico’s highest military intelligence agency had an active interest in the case. What’s more, the encounter would offer similarities to one of Mexico’s most famous UFO incidents, as well as links to one of the most active UFO hotspots on the planet. In fact, the 2007 incident may be one of the many key links in a UFO chain that is yet to be completely unraveled.

What is perhaps worth noting, is that these strange events also share connections to the Chihuahuan Desert, which stretches from central Mexico right the way into the United States. In fact, it is essentially the same stretch of sand that played host to the most famous UFO incident of them all, the Roswell Crash.

Xilitla, 20th August 2007

Shortly after 4 am on 20th August 2007, a glowing orange fireball screamed over Xlilitla, dragging its residents from sleep. Those who were already awake would witness the bizarre ball of light take the strangest of sharp turns. Far from being a meteor, the object was seemingly under intelligent control.

Controlled or not, the object crashed into nearby woodland, bouncing off several of the coffee and lemon trees as it did so. Flares and sparks of red, orange-glowing material shot in all directions in a loud explosion.

Within thirty minutes, following frantic calls to the police of the incident, the area would be under lockdown. Residents were told to remain inside their homes. Those already at the scene were encouraged to go inside.

No solid object was found, but several of the witnesses would report finding “strange, long pieces of ash” around the area. This ash, however, had a hard quality to it. It wouldn’t, for example, simply crumble upon touch. Police had taken the majority of this with them following their sealing off the site.

Perhaps interestingly, they would report nothing more of the encounter. When residents would make inquiries, they were effectively ignored.

Chaotic Events and Sudden Secrecy

When researchers would later investigate the events, several interesting points from the local populations would come to light. For example, in the immediate hour following the crash, all police communications were down. In fact, all radio communications were down.

Researcher, Bill Birnes would speak to an intelligence officer from the Central Police Intelligence Bureau. He would do so, however, anonymously such was the fear both the local population and the officers themselves had of the bureau.

The anonymous officer would state that numerous “ongoing reports” came in that evening of something in the skies above Mexico. He would eventually write his report and file it with the SDN (military intelligence). However, following his submission, the report vanished, as did the majority of the strange ash found at the site.

Incidentally, researchers theorized the ash-like substance could be the result of intense heat and a huge electrical pulse fusing together wiring and metal. The electrical pulse, if it did occur, would also have contributed to the communications problems immediately following the explosion.

The previous evening – in reality, only several hours before the explosion in Xilitla – were reports of a “silvery object” streaking across the skies over Valles. Several people witnessed the apparent object. And the closer it appeared to Xilitla, the more reports would state it to be an orange, glowing fireball. Much like the one that would eventually crash in the town.

Zone of Silence

It would appear, whatever the object was, it had arrived at Xilitla via a strange part of Mexico known as the “Zone of Silence”. This bizarre patch of land sits within the Chihuahuan Desert. According to radar analysis, it was over this stretch of land that the Xilitla object suddenly made its second sudden turn, taking it towards the small town.

As well as many UFO sightings and reports of strange lights, the area has a long history of other strange phenomena. In many ways, it is perhaps similar to the events that take place at Skinwalker Ranch.

Compasses will spin completely out of control here. Planes report severe malfunctions with their navigation equipment. Also, radio and television signals don’t work in this region.

Several meteorites have fallen near the Zone of Silence throughout the last century. Whether they are “attracted” to this area, or their crash landings are responsible for the strange activity is open to debate.

The area would have the international spotlight placed on it when the US military launched an Athena missile as part of a research mission in 1970. The launch took place from Utah, but went off course, eventually coming down in the Zone. According to reports, the US military would come to investigate. And after sealing the area off completely and building makeshift rail-lines to transport heavy cargo all the way into Texas, would spend almost a month there. All they would say is the retrieval was for wreckage parts.

Nordic Alien Guides?

Many people often become disorientated and ultimately lost in the zone. According to UFO researcher, Geraldo Rivera, people who have experienced this often state that “tall, blond beings appear out of nowhere!”

These beings apparently ask for nothing in return, aside from a drink of water. Many people have made statements that these angelic entities leave no footprints on the ground when they have left. On occasion, when people have asked where they are from, the only answer given is, “Above!”

Many in UFO circles know these apparent extra-terrestrials as the Nordics.

Many reports also surface in this region of people seeing strange lights in the sky. At the same time, they also realize they have lost several hours with no memory of the time. This would indicate abduction, or certainly some kind of interaction.

Many abandoned mines also exist within the Zone of Silence, as well as cave systems largely undisturbed. Whether it is aliens from above, geomagnetic anomalies, or forces unknown, the stretch of desert is one of the most mysterious terrains in the world.

This area, and the incidents in 2007, also share connections to perhaps the most famous UFO incident in Mexico’s history. An incident that would see both the Mexican and US militaries race to the scene of an apparent UFO crash.

Before we look at that, however, check out the video below. It looks at this strange area in a little more detail.

“Mexico’s Roswell”, The Chihuahuan Desert Incident, 1974

On 25th August 1974 along Mexico’s border with Texas, a large disc-like object entered North American airspace. It would make a sudden turn at the Texas coast, heading south, before making a second sudden turn, taking it over the Mexican mainland. Shortly after, somewhere over the Chihuahuan Desert, it would collide with a small aircraft traveling south from El Paso, Texas.

Both the Mexican and United States militaries were aware of the objects, though not the specifics. The United States, while “listening” to the Mexican search efforts, suddenly heard the pilot state he could see “a gleaming disk” with “some signs of superficial damage but still in one piece!”

Now each of them sent units to the region, racing against the other, looking to retrieve whatever wreckage was there. The American “recovery unit” was essentially CIA-run. With almost thirty years of experience in such matters behind them, they could mobilize amazingly quickly, and from almost anywhere.

Many researchers believe that the CIA would have likely used their influence with “high-ranking” officials in Mexican intelligence services to arrange a “switchover” of sorts. Many incidents had occurred that way in the past, with Mexican units searching the scenes first, before handing it over to the Americans once they had taken what they wished. Just one of these incidents was the aforementioned Athena missile incident.

The Mexican unit would have the advantage, and they would arrive near the object first. All the while US spy planes circled, reporting on the movements on the ground.

Containment Mission?

Initially, the reports were as expected. Suddenly though, it began to appear as though the Mexican units were not moving. Further investigation would prove they weren’t. Something unknown had stopped them in their tracks. Furthermore, all the unit was dead.

It is not fully known the conversations that took place between the Mexican and American intelligence services, but shortly after the discovery, four specially prepared helicopters were on their way to the site.

Initial intelligence would suggest the soldiers were the victims of a hazardous chemical leak, or if indeed the object was an extra-terrestrial craft, some kind of unknown virus.

They would retrieve whatever of the craft they could, before leaving the area. Whether each member of the Mexican unit was dead or dying at that time is unknown. Before leaving the area, however, the US units set off an intensely powerful explosion, incinerating anything left at the site. Official reports suggest the bodies of the unit were recovered and handed to the Mexican authorities.

As you might imagine, the are several blurred lines around the incident. Perhaps not least of which, what exactly was it that crashed into this most mysterious desert region? And, what is it about this part of the world that not only attracts these crafts but seemingly brings them crashing to the ground?

UFO reported over deserted village in Northern MEXICO !!! Leaked video - Sept 2017

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