Strange UFO filmed from Airplane Window over CROATIA ! Febr 2017

February 2017 - Croatia. Amazing video shows UFO filmed from airplane window...

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

1969 - There was an UFO seen over a town of Lajkovac, Croatia. Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia at the time and Josip Broz Tito (a Yugoslavrevolutionary and statesman) was seen in Lajkovac and UFO was later not found. It`s said that UDBA (State Security Administration) and Tito were hiding an dead alien and experimented on him. Some pictures leaked that look quite convincing.

2012 - A flying disk is seen flying over the island of Pag, Croatia. A tourist took a picture. It looks like some sort of an alien spaceship or space craft.

2013 - An UFO is seen flying over the town of Pula, Croatia with many eyewitnesses. It looks like two lights and later there could be seen a laser like beam.


Source : ayy lmao (thanks for submitting the video to Section 51!)

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