UFO filmed in the SAHARA Desert ! Oct 2017

October 2017 - Sahara, Sudan area. UFO filmed by hikers in the desert of Sahara.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

In 1989, UFO sightings were reported in Sahara desert. It was on Friday, March 10, precisely at noon, when a german tourist called Muller discovered an amazing UFO in the sky of Sahara Desert.

"...when I I arrived on the site, the UFO was hovering about 50 feet over the ground. A shaft of blue light shot out from the ship and lifted two pencil thin individuals - aliens - into the ship's belly. The UFO remained stationary for five or six seconds. Then it flew straight up and disappeared."

Muller's report met with some skepticism but he seemed to have ample evidence to support his claims. Photographs taken at the alleged UFO site showed that heat generated by the starship had fused a 200-foot circle of sand into silicon.

The site was approximately 450 miles south, southwest of Cairo deep in the Sahara Desert. And while Muller found it next to impossible to get ther in a land rover, footprints leading to the spot indicated that the space aliens got there on foot.

"No man alive could have walked through the desert like that but those aliens pulled it off without a hitch" said Muller. "They must be immune to blistering heat. And they obviously can live without water."

Egyptian officials refused to comment on Muller's report but insiders confirmed that they were "keenly interested" in what the German had to say. One source noted that the authorities had suspected "clandestine extraterrestrial activity" throughout Egypt for months...


It was an English translation of intriguing article in an Egyptian newspaper.

UFO filmed in the SAHARA Desert ! Oct 2017

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