Massive UFO intercepted by Jet Fighters & filmed from Airplane - USA ! Sept 2017

September 2017 - USA, Nevada. Massive UFO and jet fighters filmed from airplane window.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

In may 2017, anonymous air force man claimed to have a recording of an operation with three other fighter jet pilots.

But he claimed to have been sworn to secrecy by the Singaporean government who allegedly told him he would face the death penalty if he spoke a word.

The remarkable claims have been made in a report to the US-based Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which is the world's largest organisation dedicated to UFO and alien research.

The alleged whistleblower has given himself the pseudonym John in the report and there is no way of verifying if he is a genuine pilot or not at this stage.

He said in the report : "My life is in critical danger."

He claimed to be part of the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

The pilot added: "Just this morning at 5.20am hours Singapore time, we were given orders to scramble our F15s to intercept a strange looking orb that kept on appearing and disappearing on radar by command control.

"This object entered Singapore air space at around 5.20am and was hovering for at least two hours before 7.30am. 

"It is difficult to explain, it kept on appearing and disappearing and re-appearing on another part of our air space."

He said there were three other pilots were required to "intercept this orb like thing or whatever the hell you want to call it".

He said: "In fact, when we landed at Changi Air Base, we were given orders by command not to reveal this incident to anyone.

"I cannot in good conscience give you my real name over the internet, but give me your number, I will call you directly.

"I have evidence of the chase itself, I am willing to hand this over to you, a recording of the entire incident between air traffic ground control and the four pilots including myself while in pursuit of this orb." 

The Singaporean air force does use F15s and the pilot has named a legitimate air base.

MUFON was investigating the claims, but had previously said that it is hit by several hoax reports which come in from all over the world.

But what is this new UFO sighting over Nevada ?

Massive UFO intercepted by Jet Fighters & filmed from Airplane - USA ! Sept 2017

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