5 Amazing UFO Sightings Nevada - Easter Island !!! May 2017

May 2017 - Amazing UFO sightings spotted in Nevada, Easter Island and France. 1951-1984 - New leaked footage showing strange UFOs in area 51...

AREA 51 :

EXACTLY 69 years ago today arguably the world's most notorious UFO mystery began after an "object" crashed near a ranch in the desert on the outskirts of Roswell, New Mexico. Despite countless alien investigators pouring over the "evidence" from the alleged UFO crash which reportedly included aliens, both alive and dead inside the wreckage, the riddle has never been solved.

The story goes that on July 7 1947 rancher W W Brazel told Sheriff George Wilcox he had found "something strange" on his sheep ranch on the outskirts of Roswell. Mr Brazel stumbled across some rubber, foil, and other debris on the ground and told the Sheriff who alerted the nearby Army base air field. Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer, was sent to investigate. Mr Marcel was apparently convinced that the rancher had found the world's first evidence of aliens and what they were looking at were the remains of a flying saucer. He, in turn, reported this up the chain, prompting duty press officer Walter Haut, at the now notorious Nevada Area 51 base, to send this out in a news release.

But next came a big U-turn and still no sign of actual aliens.

Perhaps in 1947 people would have thought a cosmos travelling flying saucer would be made from foil, rubber, tape, paper and wood, as Mr Brazel found. But the day of the news report, the RAAF retracted its original release and said what was found were the parts of a downed weather balloon. The paper duly printed a follow-up in which Mr Brazel spoke of his embarrassment to have got "worked up over nothing". But by now the snowball had started, and it was gathering pace. No one was interested in the follow up story, and the original first went national and then global, even without the internet, and in Roswell, USA the world's UFO capital was born.

It was also the birth of the conspiracy theorist, whereby the unimaginable is more likely to be the case than the rational. Instantly, claims were made that the military had found a craft, but they did not want news getting out and the weather balloon story was quickly made up as a cover. But it appears to have taken several years before the "aliens being found inside" element of the story began. US magazine Time did an investigation published on the Roswell Incident - as it became known - on the 50th anniversary in July 1997. It said Stanton Friedman, a former nuclear physicist-turned UFOlogist, was told in 1978 that a now retired Mr Marcel had "once handled the wreckage of a UFO". Mr Friedman reportedly met Mr Marcel, who remained convinced the debris was a flying saucer...

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This sparked him to investigate the 31-year-old case, seeking out other witnesses from the time.

His book - The Roswell Incident, co-written by Charles Berlitz and published in 1980 - saw the mystery revisited many times.

There were many more articles and books, and hoaxers in 1995 released a black and white video showing military medics carrying out a makeshift autopsy on an alien corpse, amid claims it was a leaked genuine recording from the incident in 1947.

This was later proved a hoax, although many conspiracists and UFOers still refuse to accept that. Allegations of the cover up grew so widespread that the Air Force eventually ran its own probe at the end of which it published previously confidential information about a top-secret balloon-tracking project that had been going at the same time in 1947, which it was said explained the found remains. It has remained one of the world's biggest conspiracy theories and UFO cases. One thing seems clear - even if "the truth is out there" believers of the Roswell UFO crash will not go away and theories will continue to abound.

"It isn't as widely known, but there were actually two crash sites. Did the government acknowledge the first, only to say it was a high tech weather balloon test that crashed, to divert attention away from a second and more important UFO crash site?

"Why if nothing went on is the crash site and Area 51 still in lock down after many decades. Don't believe everything you are told. Do your research and decide for yourself what really happened that night in Roswell."

5 Amazing UFO Sightings Nevada - Easter Island !!! May 2017


Were the huge iconic statues on Easter Island created (or influenced) by extraterrestrials?

Scientific evidence seems to indicate that seafaring Polynesians came to Easter Island (one of the Earth's most remotely inhabited islands located about 2,000 miles away from the nearest populated area), also known as Rapa Nui, about A.D. 400 and began the civilization that produced those majestic enigmatic statues weighing an average of 14 tons each. However, nobody knows what the statues are supposed to be or who they are suppose to represent. Perhaps they represent ancestors, powerful kings or priests, God or gods, or as some Ancient Aliens enthusiasts have come to believe, ancient aliens that helped this civilization like many others on our planet.

In the early 1950s, the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl (famous for his Kon-Tiki and Ra raft voyages across the oceans) popularized the idea that the island had been originally settled by advanced societies of Indians from the coast of South America (feeding fuel to the Atlantian global civilization).

The most widely-accepted theory is that the statues were carved by the Polynesian colonizers of the island beginning by about A.D. 1000-1100. In addition to representing deceased ancestors, the Moai, once they were erect on ceremonial sites, may also have been regarded as the embodiment of powerful living chiefs. They were also important lineage status symbols.

The intervention of Ancient Aliens has been made one of the most infamous theories about the Moai by Erich Von Daniken who suggests that a small group of 'intelligent beings' were stranded there and taught the natives to make 'robot-like' statues. His main thrust is that the stone from which the statues are made is not found on the island, which is a complete fabrication and later was discovered that Erich Von Daniken never visited the island while writing his book (Chariots of the Gods). This links with theories that Easter island was once part of the lost civilization of flying machines.

An article entitled “Engineers of Easter Island," published in the November/December 1999 issue of Archaeology, shows that the statues could have been transported and put in place using techniques the Polynesians perfected when constructing and moving boats while venturing from island to island for thousands of years, perhaps a long ago as 5500 B.C.E. (The Polynesians are also credited with building Nan Madol on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia, another megalithic site perhaps as mind-boggling as Easter Island.)

Author Jared Diamond postulates that around 1400 the island’s civilization experienced a rapid decline because of an ecological imbalance brought about by deforestation, soil erosion and overpopulation. Jared Diamond also thinks there was a civil war about 1680, which may have led to the toppling of many of the Moai and perhaps even calamities such as cannibalism.

Another interesting fact about Easter Island is that this island is the only Pacific Island to hold historical evidence of a written language (similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphics). This causes many Ancient Alien theorists to believe that ancient aliens helped this civilization in many aspects including written language. Although no clear explanation has been presented in regards to Easter Islands written tablets, it is safe to say that past humans had the ability to create forms of written communication as many other civilizations eventually produced.

5 Amazing UFO Sightings Nevada - Easter Island !!! May 2017

In conclusion, although many would suggest that Ancient Aliens or perhaps ancient advance civilizations with flying machines build these statues and also had a great influence in the evolution of the Easter Island civilization, the facts seem to speak pretty clearly and lead our researches to believe that human ingenuity, creativity and regular technological advancements can account for the great Moai, the sudden disappearance of the population and their forests, as well as the only account of a written language in the Pacific Islands. We must remember that many ancient cultures had deep roots to their religious beliefs which fueled many to create astounding and majestic monuments to show their gods their appreciation and protection. Those who find mystery in this world can always settle on the fact that ancient aliens once helped our planet evolve into our present form; however...

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