Giant Structure with UFO light Orbs near Lake BAIKAL - Russia ! Jan 2017

January 2017 - Russia, Siberia. Amazing video showing mysterious structure in the mountains near lake Baikal with UFO light orbs flying in the sky.

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In october 2016, extraordinary green flashes of light have been spotted in the sky above Siberia, baffling experts and residents as they question whether it was a meteor, a missile, or even aliens.

Initially, people thought the green flash with a tail was a missile launched by Vladimir Putin's military in Orenburg, which 'successfully' hit its target of the Kamchatka peninsula near the Pacific.

However, it was last discovered that the timing appears wrong as the ICBM RS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile would have crossed this part of Siberia several hours earlier.

While social media buzzed with claims of visitors from outer space with comments like 'Maybe aliens?' and 'Soon there will be reports about mutants' experts disagreed sharply over the unidentified flying object seen low in the sky. A witnesses reported that 'a comet fell from the sky - it was glowing bright green (and quite large)....' Another witness said: 'At 19.30 in the sky a comet or a meteor was flying. There was a powerful flash. Who else saw it?'

Mikhail Ovdin said: 'In the area of Goryachinsk we saw a sharp light of bright green colour. 'And then we saw the object flying, leaving behind a trail. 'It flew within five seconds, and disappeared over Lake Baikal. I think it burned down in the atmosphere.'

The head of the Astronomical Observatory at Buryat State University in Ulan-Ude, Liliya Mironova, insists the object was manmade.

She told The Siberian Times: 'I myself did not witness the incident, but I saw the videos. 'I can say with certainty that it was not a meteorite, nor a meteor or a comet. 'It is clear that we are talking about some sort of man-made object. 'Firstly, if it reached the ground, there would be a shock wave, and everybody would have felt it. 'But it did not reach the ground.'

In contrast to other experts, she said it was travelling 'very slow' in the sky. She disputed the object was burning out in the sky.

The director of the Observatory of Irkutsk State University, Sergei Yazev, disagreed and said: 'Without doubt, we are talking about a space bolide.' A bolide is a meteor that explodes in the atmosphere rather than falling to the ground as a meteorite.

The images of the object were 'typical' of a bolide, he said.

He said: 'It was burning in the atmosphere, the green glow was because of the high temperature....' He also ruled out other manmade objects like a satellite falling to Earth from space orbit. 'We can assume that the size of the meteor was about 50 centimetres,' he said. This would make it ten times smaller than the Chelyabinsk meteorite of 2013 which shattered windows in the Urals before falling into a lake. 'It may well be that it was not all burned out and some small stone debris could fall to the ground,' he said. If so, it could have splashed into Baikal. But the director of Irkutsk planetarium Pavel Nikiforov said there had been no reports of a 'celestial object' falling to earth and he believed this sighting was manmade, most likely a falling part of a missile.

Giant Structure with UFO light Orbs near Lake BAIKAL - Russia ! Jan 2017

But in our video of january 2017, could that giant structure be man-made ? What are these UFO light orbs ? How to explain that new event ? Is it a portal for alien beings ?...

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