UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016

UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016 

November 2016 - China, Heilongjiang province. UFO filmed flying over the Amur river.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

Dropa Stones: Exposing A 12,000 Year-Old Extraterrestrial Spaceship Crash On Earth

They came from a distant place in our Galaxy. Their spaceship crashed on Earth. They were chased and killed by humans. Stranded on an alien planet they desperately tried to return home. They knew their existence was doomed and therefore they wrote down their story for others to read. They wanted to tell us who they were and what brought them here. They left a message for future generations, but the alien artifacts they left behind were hidden from the public! This story is known under a lot of names and it is one of the most covered-up stories in the history of extraterrestrial-human interaction.


UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016

Mystery Of Ancient “Magical” Mirrors – Some Of The Strangest Objects In The World

The so called ancient Chinese “magical mirrors” are some of the strangest objects in the world.

The exact origins of ancient Chinese “magical” mirrors are unknown. About 1,200 years ago, a book entitled Record of Ancient Mirrors still existed. This book contained the secrets of these enigmatic objects and their constructions. Unfortunately this book has been lost for over a thousand years.

Today, we wonder what secrets lie behind the thousand-years-old “magical” mirrors that have the creepy ability to project patterns from the back when light is shining on the front?

In ancient China there is one type of rare mirror called t’ou kuand ching, which means literally “light-transmitting mirror”. When a strong light strikes the undecorated polished front surface, and is reflected onto a wall or screen, the patterns decorating the back of the mirror mysteriously appear in the reflection.

When magic mirrors came to the attention of the West in 1832, dozens of prominent scientists attempted to discover their secret.


UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016

Cover-Up Of ET Artifacts Around Mount Baigong

These remains are known as ” ET Relics” and no one knows their origin.

Did extraterrestrials once touch the ground of Mount Baigong (or Bayinnuowashan Mountain) located about 40 kilometers southwest of Delingha City and left mysterious relics of unknown origin?

The area around the city is very isolated, but extremely interesting! Ancient pipes that could be of extraterrestrial origin were discovered on, and around Mount Baigong located not far from the city.

In 2003, a group of nine Chinese scientists traveled to Qinghai Province to closely examine the site.

Isn’t it strange that the result of the close examination of these artifacts has never been officially published? Has any major research been done in the first place or has it been interrupted because the relics are in fact related to extraterrestrial visitations to the planet Earth? Is something intentionally kept from being published?


UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016

Mysteries Of The Yellow Emperor – The “Son Of Heaven” From Regulus

The “Yellow Emperor” was a rather interesting entity.

The ancient Chinese records mention amazing, wise and humane (humane, not human-P.S.) beings, the” Sons of Heaven” (this term became emperors’ title much later), who had done so much for the then savage dwellers of the Huang He River valley. Before the “Sons of Heaven” appeared on Earth, familiar celestial phenomena preceded all such appearances. Before Huang-ti was born there occurred ” a radiance from the great star Chi and the Dipper Constellation (Ursa Major).”

Huang-ti was very different from other ancient heroes. He did not enlighten people, did not demand worship. Huang-ti and his helpers were amazingly rational beings. Numerous sources relate that Huang-ti manufactured and used some “miraculous tripods.” The “tripods” were not used for water, nor was there any fire to heat and prepare food in them. The purpose of such a “tripod” was quite different: Who was the Yellow emperor really?


UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016

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UFO filmed over bridge in CHINA ! Nov 2016
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