UFOs and giant structures filmed in NIGER by US helicopter !!! Sept 2016

September 2016 - Niger, desert - US forces of USAFRICOM reported mysterious giant structures and UFOs in the desert.

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Only 8,000 years ago, rocks were sculpted in the Tassili plateau of Sahara, depicting what appeared to be human beings but with strange round heads (helmets ? Or "sun" heads on human bodies ?).

Archeologists usually refer to the paintings at Tassili n-Ajjer in southern Algeria as prehistoric "masked figures". Though there is evidence that the people of the Sahara influenced the cultures of both the Nile Valley and West Africa, there is no stylistic similarity between the "masks" in Tassili and those from West Africa. Scholars are not certain of the meaning of these paintings because they still haven't deciphered the hieroglyphic language engraved on the rocks next to them. Dating these figures is difficult even with radiocarbon techniques, yet they are roughly divided into several periods ranging from the beginning of human occupation at Tassili, around 5500 B.C. when the Sahara was much wetter, continuing sporadically until the fifth century B.C.

The faceless (aniconic) figures are found in both the early and middle periods. The smaller figures engraved in shelters are believed to be contemporary with the oldest paintings in Tassili. Either before or shortly after these cave paintings were made, an enormous "masked" figure was painted on the side of a cliff. This large figure is nearly eighteen feet high, outlined in dark purple and shaded with broad planes of color. It has a helmet-type device that encircles the head and rests directly on the shoulders.

This large figure was dubbed "the Great God Mars" by critic and art historian André Lhote in his 1950 Treatise on Figure Painting.

UFOs and giant structures filmed in NIGER by US helicopter !!! Sept 2016

FROM TASSILI......SAHARA DÉSERT......NORTH AFRICA.........SOURCE UFO SIGHTING SHOTSPOT.BLOGSPOT.FR.............This cave painting is from Tassili, Sahara Desert in North Africa. It dates back to 6000 B.C. The figures do not look human. Notice the flying disk in the sky.

UFOs and giant structures filmed in NIGER by US helicopter !!! Sept 2016

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