Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the sun !!! Sept 2016

September 2016 - Space, Sun, distance of about 150 million kilometers from Earth - Watch this intriguing video. NASA filmed what seems to be an alien mothership refueling at the sun. The video footage is spectacular.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

Recently NASA was being called upon to explain the presence of a mysterious giant black square or “cube” spotted apparently in orbit around the Sun in an image taken by the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft on May 2, 2016.

According to the UFO Blogger Scott Waring, who reported the discovery in a post to his blog on May 2016, NASA was using a black cube (see image below) to cover up an alien spacecraft that appeared in a SOHO image of the Sun.

Alien hunters say that the giant black cube covering a section of the image is yet another evidence of NASA scheming to hide evidence of alien UFO spacecraft.

Strange video from NASA shows UFO mothership refueling at the sun !!! Sept 2016

This is not the first time that alien hunters claim to have caught NASA red-handed concealing evidence of UFOs behind black squares and cubes. Waring spotted a black patch in a SOHO image of the Sun earlier in 2011. And because he could tell that the black patch was not a UFO, he concluded it was the product of effort by an artless NASA technician to hide an alien UFO spaceship orbiting our Sun.


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