UFO forming CROP CIRCLES near STONEHENGE !!! August 2016

August 2016 - England, Stonehenge - West Amesbury area. Early in the morning helicopter filmed mysterious disc-shaped UFO forming crop circles in wheat field.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

Some believe the incredible markings are signs of alien life on earth.

Others know they are just the work of farmers or pranksters intent on fuelling completely unsubstantiated claims of extraterrestrial life on our own planet.

Whatever the truth, one thing is for sure, the massive markings are incredible works of art and are seen at their best up on high thanks to the remarkable camera work of corn circle research website MrGyro.

Over the years there have been many different designs with very specific purposes. Most of these crop circles have detailed sacred geometry within them, some seem to be codes for us to decipher.

Crop circles seem to be a direct way for other beings to communicate messages with us.

Here's with this video footage the indeniable proof that crop circles may be alien made...

UFO forming CROP CIRCLES near STONEHENGE !!! August 2016

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