UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016

June 2016 - Australia, Menangle, Campbelltown Area. Pictures show strange UFO activity with glowing lights going through the clouds and joining what it seems to be a command ship/spacecraft.

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Aboriginal myths incorporate the idea of "sky-beings", with the Wandjina being among the most interesting to consider. The Wandjina have been preserved in a fascinating oral tradition and in a large collection of rock paintings scattered throughout the Kimberley region of northern Australia. The paintings have received all manner of interpretations from stylised representations of a pervasive myth system to naive "ancient astronaut" theories. It is however fascinating to see that the indigenous tribes viewed the Wandjina as "the spirit in the cloud." Indeed, the unique painting style shows a logical sequence from human figures to stylised representations of clouds. This duality of anthropomorphic form and "clouds" is widespread in primitive cultures and finds an interesting parallel in the biblical accounts in "Exodus." While this line of thought is suggestive of superior "sky beings" acting as cultural catalysts for primitive societies, we should point out that making mythological component comparisons, can make for interesting exercises, full of emotive similarities, but are purely speculative.

There are numerous elements of aboriginal lore in which provocative parallels can be seen with modern day UFO experiences. To argue that identical stimuli may have been involved may be foolish as it is impossible to prove either way. Never-the-less some accounts are startling. Prosaic explanations are probable but consider the following.

The aboriginal tribe, the Bad, of the West Kimberly area, Western Australia, revered "a supreme being" called Djamar. According to tradition he manifested in a manner highly suggestive of "something" landing and leaving behind a physical record. Of course the reverse can argued. That is that the aborigines invested supernatural dimensions into many prosaic features of the natural landscape.The young initiates of the tribe were led to the stony bed of a creek and were shown the holes where Djamar had planted his "bullroarer". In aboriginal lore the sound of the "bullroarer" -- a roaring wind noise -- symbolised the approach of the god. The original accounts indicate that Djamar's bullroar or "galuguru" are representations of the "being" itself. According to E.A. Worms: "Earnestly the old men impress on the youths the terrible force of the original tjurunga, by pointing out the baldness of the surrounding hills and the damaged bark of the trees struck by Djamar when he whirled the bull-roarer. It smashed the rocks of the foreshore."

UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016

After the manifestation of Djamar, which left behind all this damage, the supreme being himself ascended once again into the sky with his "tjurunga". Such accounts lost in prehistory are full of emotive similarities but beyond that they are only diverting tales of the Australian aboriginal 'dreamtime'.

According to Bundjalung tribal tradition, Salty Lagoon, north of the Broadwater National Park, near Evans Head, on the NSW north coast, was home to a female ancestral being called Gaungan. Described as "tall and slim, with long flowing hair, beautiful hands and long fingernails," when she moved between Salty Lagoon and Wardell, Gaungan often appeared as a shining light. The legends indicate she would try to seduce men into the sea or the lagoon. Tradition has it that Gaungan flew from Woodenbong, landed on a beach near Salty Lagoon and turned into a black rock.

More recently was published on internet some UFO report of a possible flying saucer hovering in the sky above New South Wales in Australia. This happened on 18th May 2016 around 5 pm and according to the witness, this object stayed in the sky for more than 40 minutes.

UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016

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UFO SIGHTINGS reported in the sky of AUSTRALIA !!! June 2016
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