New UFO reported by FSA Army in SYRIA !!! June 2016

June 2016 - Syria, Al-Eis. Strange UFO reported by FSA army soldiers in Northern Syria.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

In 2015, UFO researchers have alleged to have spotted Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) buzzing past  Russian drones as they fire missiles over Syria in Russian news reports.

Investigators, based in Mexico, posted videos to YouTube with commentary about "orbs" which are seen to dart past drones strike.

It is not the first time there shave been claims of UFOs monitoring military action on Earth.

George Filer, a senior Vietnam vet claimed to have seen several UFOs during his service and said there were several confrontations between alien spacecraft and the military during the 1970s conflict.

Paul Hellyer, a Canadian defence minister in the 1960s alleged world military leaders were covering up evidence of widespread alien visitations to Earth.

And, in August 2015 former NASA astronaut and sixth man on the Moon Edgar Mitchell made the seemingly outlandish claim that aliens had intervened to stop global nuclear war breaking out during WWII.

Alien military is watching (our) military. 

"Thats a little disturbing."

Sceptics have said the fact that they are unidentified does not make them UFOs and in a war zone, they could be other missiles or ammunition that has been fired.

New UFO reported by FSA Army in SYRIA !!! June 2016

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