Huge UFOs over DRESDEN during BILDERBERG Meeting !!! June 2016

June 2016 - Germany, Dresden. Huge UFOs appeared in the sky of Dresden during Bilderberg meeting causing general panic among people and armed forces. UFOs were spotted during 1 hour before finally disappearing in the clouds without any radar signal.

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The author of “ Behold a Pale Horse, “ William Milton Cooper had a chance to see with his own eyes and hear with his own ears – the truth. Bill Cooper knew that he risked his life by disclosing UFO Sightings secrets to the public. As Mr. Cooper served in the Navy he was serving the cause of liberty, but he was also serving you and me, therefore the truth that he gathered aboutarea 51 aliens and about moon bases and mars bases which are operated by a joint collaboration between the U S A and Russia and an Alien Society, is truth which we have a right to. In fact, we do have a right to know. Who would believe any of this any way, that aliens exist.

 Area 51 aliens do exist, according to Bill Cooper. Some UFO hunters continue to search in all the wrong places for answers. Where does the alien abductions – Roswell info – alien sightings bucks stop?

 According to Bill Cooper the Bilderberg Group was organized in order to deal with the alien problem. Could this Bilderberg Group have taken over America? It was President Eisenhower that abdicated the Presidency to secret societies that have been dealing with the alien problem for decades.

 Aliens at area 51 may have worked with specially trained American pilots. At 10 UFO Crash sites undamaged Alien Ships have been recovered by the U S Government andU F O ships are being flown back and forth from moon bases and mars basesthat are being operated by Russia, the U S A and by this Alien Society. Another alien base is located near the 4 corners area. One of these disks was recovered in South Africa, 1 was recovered up in Montana, 1 was recovered from Louisiana, 1 was recovered in New Mexico, 2 were recovered in Texas and 4 were recovered in Arizona. From these 10 crash sites 26 alien bodies were found dead, 1 died within an hour or so, 3 died within 3 or 4 hours and 4 alienswere found alive.


A live alien did survive the Roswell incident in 1949. E B did live for about two years, but he began getting sick. A doctor in botany, Dr Mendoza was located to offer some aid to E B because of his unique needs. E B had a chloraphyl type of body and he could disappear through walls.

 On October 4th, 1952 President Truman issued an Executive Order in order to establish a dialogue with these Aliens and to Contain the Secret that aliens exist.

 Winthrop Aldrich convinced Dwight D Eisenhower to run for President. During Eisenhower's first year as President NASA officials were noticing large, unidentified objects that were orbiting the equator. Project Plato was put into action in order to establish a diplomatic relationship with this Alien Society whose technologies outmatched our own.

 United States military officials were concerned that this Alien Society would dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons.

 In 1954 at a face to face treaty meeting with these Aliens Officials from the U S were warned that humans must stop fighting with each other and that we must stop polluting the earth. Bill Cooper claims that America felt helpless in the face of this new alien threat. Two secret treaty meetings took place and the meetings were filmed. The film of these 2 secret meetings still exists.

 The Tri Lateral insignia reflects the very same sign that is upon the Alien Spacecraft and on the alien uniforms.

 Some of the terms of this Alien/USA Treaty are…

 1 – We would not interfere in their world

2 – They would not interfere in our world

 3 – They would furnish the U S Government with their technology

 4 – They would not sign treaties with any other country

 5 – They may abduct people on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical purposes only, in order to monitor our development. The treaty required that the aliens would return their abductees to where they were taken from. The treaty also required that all abductees would have no memory of any abduction. The treaty required that a list of all abductees or contacts would be provided to the secret Majestic 12 Committee whose job it became to monitor these issues.

6 – Each nation agreed to exchange an ambassador for as long as the treaty would be in force. The Alien Nation and the U S A did exchange 16 personnel for the purpose of learning from one another. The American personnel would be required to travel to the Alien point of origin for a specified period of time.

 7 – Joint Alien and U S A underground bases were promised to be built. At these joint bases their Alien technology would be shared.

 The movie Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind certainly does depict this exchange of personnel between the Alien Society and the U S A. The Naval Department may be in complete control of every Alien Base that has been built.

 Presidential Emergency Sites is the excuse offered to the public, but it is the program which has been used to build 75 deep underground facilities. DUMB –Deep Underground Military Bases have been built at quiet locations all over the United States. The Atomic Energy Commission has built at least 22 more sites.

 The Director of Central Intelligence DCI does report to the President.

 About 75% of all intelligence funding goes to the NSA.

 The Majestic 12 Committee has the responsibility of overseeing and conducting all covert activity. People from these Secret Groups come and go…

 1 – Secretary of State

 2 – Secretary of Defense

 3 – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

 4 – Director of the FBI

 5 – the DCI

 6 – 6 men fill the remaining seats from the executive committee of the Council on Foreign Relations. “ the Wise Men, “ or “ the Jason Society, “ usually serve.

 Would you cause a riot – as you become more aware of the truth? These are facts which may be difficult to believe. Bill cooper lived to serve the cause of Liberty. They snuffed out his life as he was working to make you and me aware of their secrets, secrets which you and Ihave a right to know.

Huge UFOs over DRESDEN during BILDERBERG Meeting !!! June 2016

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