Disc shaped UFO flying over Mount Roraima - February 2016 !!!

February 2016 - South America, Mount Roraima. Mysterious UFO filmed by searchers in the area of Mount Roraima.

Watch the VIDEO HERE !

The famous Guiana Shield is a region of Precambrian rock, two billion years old, anchoring the north-east shoulder of South America. At its heart are the sandstone tepuis of the Guiana Highlands, straddling the borders between Guyana, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Tepui is a Pemon word, meaning “house of the gods,” and it’s not hard to understand why the indigenous people of the Gran Sabana would give such a name to these table mountains. Very long ago, the receding of prehistoric seas left a vast sandstone plateau in the triangle now bounded by the Amazon, the Orinoco, and the Atlantic. Over aeons, this plateau was eroded, slowly exposing the granite beneath the sandstone, but in some places isolated fragments of the plateau remain. These are the tepuis.

More than a hundred tepuis have been precisely mapped in the Guiana Highlands, and some have never been climbed by human beings. Their table-tops can be many square kilometres in area, ending in sheer cliffs plunging down as far as 1,000 metres. Icy waterfalls roar, and clouds seem to boil from the mountains’ hearts.

Disc shaped UFO flying over Mount Roraima - February 2016 !!!

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