Strange Phenomenon observed in the Sky of Geneva SWITZERLAND - CERN Area 2015 !

August 2015 - Switzerland, Geneva. Mysterious Strange phenomenon observed in the sky of Geneva, over the CERN Area (European Organization for Nuclear Research). Many are saying CERN will be fully operational in September 2015 to restart full nuclear research. Is it a new secret experiment made by CERN ? 2015 is being called the International year of Light (LUCIFER MEANS LIGHT BEARER).
2015 also sees thousands of scientists reactivate CERN, the Large Hadron Collider in an attempt to explore the origins of the Universe, Dark matter, Anti-matter, Extra Dimensions, Black holes etc.

Revelation 9 - And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit......

Some say it is being used as a tool that will ultimately mess with the space and time continuum, while others say it will be used to help entities cross over to this realm aiding in the coming deception and antichrist, there is also concern that it could be affecting the earth's electromagnetic field, may be responsible for the German wings 4u-9525 and major calamities like the earthquake in Japan in the past. I will explore the history, strange symbolism of CERN and warnings that have been made as well as explore the theory of time travel in the sleep.

Dr. Stephen Hawking recently warned that the reactivation in March of CERN’s large hadron collider could pose grave dangers to our planet…the ultimate reality check we are warned. Hawking has come straight out and said the ‘God particle’ found by CERN “could destroy the universe” leaving time and space collapsed as shared in the 2nd video. Is CERN the most dangerous thing in the cosmos that could lead to the ultimate destruction of the Earth and the entire universe? Recent developments prove to us the scientific community is no longer able to explain ‘reality’ without looking at the ‘supernatural’. Will we soon learn CERN is really the ‘ultimate stargate’ and one of the gate-keepers most closely guarded secrets? Will this be the way man attempts to break the ultimate ‘God barrier’, an attempt to encounter demi-God’s in an all-out rush towards the destruction of all creation? We understand they won’t be releasing the secrets until they’re prepared to release them.

Watch the incredible VIDEO HERE !

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